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huge disaster - pubnames.ntf replace design creates adminp database
~Sarah Chunutherli 01/23/2004 08:48 PM
Domino Administrator 6.5 Windows 2000


i started this week in an environment where there was suspected sabotage from the former admin.

the smtp relay is 6.5, the other 2 servers are 5.08.

the domino admin client gives 'illegal circular use' errors when you look at docs for the 6.5 server, so i was going to replace design.

thats when the trouble started. since its challening ;) im going to ennumerate what i did :

1. made a new copy of the 6.5 smtp nab
2. no ntfs showed up on the 6.5 server, so i created a test server, copied pubnames.ntf off of that.
3. i replaced desing of my copy of names.nsf with pubnames.ntf. in the 'replace design' dialog box, i can see pubnames.ntf as the file name, but in the dialog itself it says 'Administration Requests (6)'. Sure enough, when i replaced the design, it looks like the admin p database.

im at a TOTAL make sure i didn't goof anything up, i recopied the ntf again, replaced design again, and its the same thing...

can anyone tell me what happened? its only my 3rd day here and im really worried..


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